{ In(tima) Moralia }

I. Psychedelic Dreams
Personal, Puerile or Poetic
II. Dying Prayers
Deep, Desperate, or Delusional
III. Sacrificial Trees
Unusual, Unhinged, or Unctuous
IV. Terrible Sanities
Innocuous, Impervious, or Insidious
IX. Fools Gold
Sad, Sassy, or Stupefied
V. Fallen Angels
Restless, Reviled or Resigned
VI. Ascetic Fugitive
Collected, Callous, or Consoled
VII. Futile Overtures
Transient, Tangential, or Trapped
VIII. Overt Fetishes
Pissed, Polemic, or Pitiful
X. God Farts
Deep, Delightful, or Deviled
XI. Gone Dyke
Geo-located Haikus from the Klondike
XII. We're Made of Clay
Poems from the Southwest
XIII. Destiny Repeating
Empathize, Effect, or Endure
XIV. Repressed Diagnosis
Dharma, Dreams, or Dread