XI. Gone Dyke

Geo-located Haikus from the Klondike

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| 'Tis not worth at end | 'Tis queer to be soft | A good encounter | A man must always | A tonne I carried | Across the White Pass | All your sufferings | Am I even man | At the confluence | Before I retreat | Beside my bosom | Beside the Taiya | Carried far away | Civilization | Colonial | Every lawless place | Every tragedy | Experienced nature | Fetishize the past | First Nations gather | Five Finger Rapids | Flagging I focused | Fortunes have been made | From Gold Rush till now | Highway to the North | His hand on my thigh | His tent beside mine | How long can I sip | I could not give voice | I dreamt of touching | I feared he might feel | I sat in silence | I sought far for gold | I stayed in this town | I suppose miners | I tried not to look | I warmed my cold hands | Impenetrable | Imperceptibly | In case he'd want me | In my tent my thoughts | Invasive species | Invigorating | It's not a queer thing | It's so Canadian | Just as salmon schools | Leaves begin to turn | Like the fireweed | Lone wolves roam the streets | Melancholy Parks | Miners then tourists | My face red from booze | My tears wash away | Natives don't matter | Nature in Reserve | No matter how far | On black gravel beach | On day of eclipse | Our bodies broken | Paralyzed from cold | Pay to replicate | Pretending to sleep | Procession of men | Real men do not act | Ruins are pretty | Secretly we glance | Soon followed by snow | The agonizing | The crease of his shirt | The enormity | The handsome Mountie | The loon cries at dusk | The poor can't afford | The quest for nature | The skin of my lips | The sweat on his arms | The trees bear witness | There were no beavers | These native trade routes | This land makes me weep | This treacherous trail | Those savage Indians | To push on or bail | Tormented valley | Vapour of our breaths | Virility judged | Wary existence | We shall pass nameless | What is worth of gold | When home feels so close | White faces greet me | Winds across the lake |


{ In(tima) Moralia }

I. Psychedelic Dreams
Personal, Puerile or Poetic
II. Dying Prayers
Deep, Desperate, or Delusional
III. Sacrificial Trees
Unusual, Unhinged, or Unctuous
IV. Terrible Sanities
Innocuous, Impervious, or Insidious
IX. Fools Gold
Sad, Sassy, or Stupefied
V. Fallen Angels
Restless, Reviled or Resigned
VI. Ascetic Fugitive
Collected, Callous, or Consoled
VII. Futile Overtures
Transient, Tangential, or Trapped
VIII. Overt Fetishes
Pissed, Polemic, or Pitiful
X. God Farts
Deep, Delightful, or Deviled
XI. Gone Dyke
Geo-located Haikus from the Klondike
XII. We're Made of Clay
Poems from the Southwest
XIII. Destiny Repeating
Empathize, Effect, or Endure
XIV. Repressed Diagnosis
Dharma, Dreams, or Dread