For Socksy

When we lost our prince
You pined as I did;
He'd always made our heart smile

You'd watched him pass
I was away when I heard
You followed him in a fortnight;
My tattered heart breaks
for your heartbreak.
I could do nothing
but pile your grief onto his
I tear
down your house
I cannot bear
Not to see you both inside.
I lost my prince
and his princess
to keep his memory

My little Princess
I hope you are with your love again
after those two terrible weeks of pain
but just to be sure
I will keep your ashes
always side by side.



--- In memory of ---
Socksy (16 April 2012)
the little princess who died of heartbreak.
Loyal, sweet, and binkies when she thinks no one is looking.
We miss your kisses and hope you are reunited with Smokey at last.