For weeks I returned
at the same time to the pool
secretly hoping to see him.
Then one day I saw him again
as I entered he was about to leave.

We climbed to the highest bleachers
sitting side by side almost touching
staring into the empty pool.
He was older up close
did not speak English
Are you married?
Are you in school?
Where are you working?
We asked in halting Mandarin

Hungry for experience
I let him lead me
trying to fathom the dance
he had long honed
wondering how to be alluring
while my trunks rode up and chafed
circling the change room
until we met in the last stall
he ran the shower and closed the door
standing atop a ledge
so only a pair of legs showed
in case we got caught.

It was a letdown
when we finally touched
nothing like I imagined
his hard muscles felt soft
as his hands groped over
and kissed with closed lips.
He asked me after if I liked it
and being polite I lied.