I found his pager number
I'd last seen him 6 months ago
at the swimming pool.
He paged me back
a phone number this time.

Someone else picked up
his mother perhaps.
She called his name
he came to the phone.
In halting mandarin
he said he missed me/
Skeptical but flattered
I said I'd taken leave,
no one was around
the apartment was empty.

The next day I waited
by the elevators
he did not come.
An hour past I paged him
on a pay phone;
exchanging seret codes
lest someone found out.
Where are you he asked
when he called the phone
I have been waiting for you
by the elevators.

I have been waiting as well
but I don't see you, I said
do you see an ATM opposite?
No. I see a coffee shop.
What street are you on?
He replied with a street across town.
Silence after I told him where I was.

I asked can you still make it?
No. My lunch hour is over;
I thought you were someone else.