Deny me not my love
though you did not choose
to have this unwanted love of mine.
The revelation was sudden
I'll give you the benefit of time.
But close not your heart to me
Accept it instead as I have
and revel that someone loves you.
And perhaps one day you may
accept me too.

No more will I speak
of this shameful deed
but the deed, alas was done.
Those three fatal words
were spoken, survivors
in a battle that can never be won.

I did not mean to screw your life
or what we had going for a while.
I'm as embarrased as the truth as you
but hiding from it will just prolong
the hurt that cuts in you and I.
Perhaps in time it may mellow
again into a beautiful friendship
the stuff of song.
The kind that lasts a lifetime long.

I ask nothing in return
except to love you as I have.
Because you are a person worthy of love
and I thank you for that.
For showing me I'm a person who can love.
I'm a person who can love.