First Love

I awoke on an unknown bed
with an unknown arm draped across my side.
I gently turned and brought my face
up close beside your sleeping head
I toyed with your sun-kissed hair
and breathed in your every breath
How many countless sleepless nights
I have conjured your presence by my side.
You are here, you are really here.
And overcome, I think I cried.
You opened your sleepy eyes and smiled
and kissed the last doubts from my lips.
Gently taking my hands from your face
you placed them around your waist.
Together we toasted love again as we did last night.

Some people ask for Princes and Palaces and emerald rings
Others ask for devotion and loyalty and El Dorado dreams
I only ask for just one thing -
Everytime I go to sleep at night,
you will wake up in the morning by my side.



To Eric J.